Town of Wilmington
121 Glen Road, Wilmington, MA 01887-3597
ph: (978) 658-3311
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Water Conservation Program
To help preserve our drinking water resources, Wilmington has established a water conservation program. This program, which combines the efforts of both residents and the Department, decreases the amount of water that is unnecessarily lost each day. In addition to improving the water infrastructure through capital improvements, the Water Department periodically completes a town-wide leak detection survey. By identifying and then repairing these leaks, we decreased the amount of unaccounted for water. Essentially, the amount of water being wasted is decreased.  

The resources listed below provide a number of methods for evaluating and then saving water both inside and outside of your home.

Wilmington also offers Water Conservation Kits to interested residents. 
This is part of a joint program with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. Please call our office at 978-658-4711 for more information.