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Welcome to the official website for the town of Wilmington, Massachusetts

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Public Works Director
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121 Glen Road (Mailing Address)
115 Andover Street (Physical Address)
Wilmington, MA  01887
7:30am - 4:00pm
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The Town of Wilmington is presently experiencing delays with the curbside trash collection.  The issues are resulting in an approximate half-day delay in collection, meaning approximately half of the daily route is being collected the day after the normally scheduled collection date. In the past week, the Town's trash hauler, Northside Carting, has been working extra hours in an attempt to get caught up.  Northside is reporting equipment failures as the primary cause of delays.

 Residents should continue to put their trash curbside on their regularly scheduled collection day.  In the event that the trash is not picked up on the scheduled day, and is in containers with secure lids, residents are encouraged to leave it curbside until collected.  If the trash is not in secure containers, residents are asked to bring it back in to prevent animals from getting into the trash bags overnight.  It can be put back out the following morning.

 The Department of Public Works  is in daily contact with Northside regarding the delays and reports all complaints of missed pick-ups to them.  The Town Manager is reviewing their contract relative to performance requirements.  Additionally the Town is investigating options for emergency collection services if needed.

 Wilmington is unfortunately in a similar situation as other communities utilizing Northside as their municipal trash hauler.  Northside's contract with the Town ends June 30th.  FW Russell will be taking over the Town's curbside waste collection service on July 1. 

Recycling Bylaw Enforcement Begins July 1, 2012!!

As a reminder, participation in Wilmington's recycling program is mandatory under the Town's current "Recycling By-Law" which is included in the "By-laws of the Inhabitants of the Town of Wilmington, Revised", Chapter 5, Section 2A.  The by-law states in part:

"...residents of every household are required to separate recyclable material from the solid waste stream...Failure to separate recyclable material from the solid waste stream may result in failure of the solid waste collection contractor to collect solid waste from the residence which violates this By-Law."

The Department of Public works asks that residents have their trash and recycling out by 6:30am on their pickup day, or the night before their pickup day.  It is wise to cover trash barrels overnight to help prevent animal interference. Please refer to the above links to help answer your trash and recycling questions.


Recycle bins are still available to residents for purchase at the DPW building located at 115 Andover Street for $5.00 each.  If you chose, you may use up to a 35 gallon trash barrel for your recycling container, as long as it is clearly marked “Recycle”.  Free stickers bearing the word “Recycle” are available for residents both at the DPW building and the Town Manager’s office.  Please note, some retail stores are selling recycle barrels larger than 35 gallons.  The DPW asks that residents refrain from using these barrels for recycling since they become too heavy when full to be manually emptied into the recycle truck.

Town of Wilmington   121 Glen Road, Wilmington, MA 01887-3597
Phone: (978) 658-3311    Fax: (978) 658-3334